Back from Cruising

royal_caribbean_generic_cruise_linerHi. I’m back..I’ve been on a cruise meeting many people from different countries. Seems like the bra fitting problems are every where..

I remember being in the pool when I got to talking with a few ladies they asked the usual questions of introductory your name, where you are from, and where do you work or what do you do for work? Once it was known I was a bra fitter the questions came fast.. questions like How do I know if my bra is fitting me properly.. Why is my bra uncomfortable.. How do I find a comfortable bra? I must admit it was fun having women and men asking me questions. Amazed that men were actually interested in how it all works ( instead of just worrying about taking them )

Another thing that I should mention that I’m a little excited about                            is the swimsuit I was wearing, it was so comfy, as well as giving me lots support..downloaddownload (1)

I always dreaded wearing a swimsuit because I could never find anything that would fit my 14H bust.. It was nice to have both women and men compliment me on my swimsuit.. because of my job I have found all of these wonderful Brands that do both bra and swimsuits in larger bust sizes as well as the larger body sizes..                                               Some of these brands are;                                                                   Elomi, Fantasie, Panache, Goddess and Freya to mention a few..                               These are my favourite brands that I love to work with….

How do I know if my bra is fitting me properly?

imagesLet us take a look at what bra you are wearing..

When I fit I  usually start by checking to see how loose the back of the bra is, if it is too loose it will ride up your back. It should sit snuggly to your back  –  firm enough that it doesn’t move when you raise your arms or twist your body, the firmer the waist band of the bra the better the support.  Too much emphasis is put on “back fat”. Please! there needs to be more let’s worry about how the breast look, rather than the back, cause lets face it we want our breasts looking great .. so Yes, snug is good. Also take note that the back of the bra is parallel with the front. The best way to tell if the back is correct hook the hooks on the loosest fitting if it feels snug that’s fine, but to be sure, take it then to the tightest if that is too tight go back to the loosest. if it feels more secure done on the tightest go down one size in the back . Once we have established the correct and comfortable back size lets get started on the cup size. Before I continue with the “cup” let me first explain how the sizing works – the band is the measurement around the waist 8,10,12,14,16,18  etc -or 30,32,34,36,38,40    the cup sizing is the AA,A,B,C,D,DD,E,F,FF,G,GG,H,HH,J,JJ,K.

YES  Bras do cater for all these sizes. I shall tell you about the different brands of bras that cater for the bigger cup sizes later..

Okay, lets get back to the fitting of the cup size, first off the best way for me to explain the fitting, is to picture your breast as a picture in a frame,your breast are the picture and the wire is the picture frame.. we want the breast to sit in the cup filling it completely but with NO spillage and no puckering.. The best way to make sure all your breast are in the cup is to scoop your breast from under your arm bringing all your breast forward. then lifting cup at the front slightly and smoothing breast out to sit in cup completely.The wires are to sit at the back of the breast sitting firm against the body.. (don’t want wires sticking in any part of the breast or attacking under arms) wires also should be sitting flush against your chest between your breast.. if the cup size is toodownload small there will be spillage at the top and sides (under arms) also there should be NO spillage coming from underneath the cups. A lot of women think that breasts just automatically jump up into the cups lol, that’s not the case they all need to be lifted and put into place. I think we have covered just about everything. Oh except i forgot to mention the tightness of the straps, they should be firm but not tight that they dig into your shoulders but not that loose they fall of your shoulders.. it’s all about comfort and shape and to do that is to have the right size and style of bra that suits your body shape.. For the ladies who don’t have the luxury of having your own personal bra fitter follow these tips and you will be on the right direction..

happy bra shopping

Does Not Matter What Age You Are

I’m Back!

download (2)
this bra is great for any age worked in my situation

I’ve had a busy week met many a lovely lady had lots of laughs and a few tears. but who stands out the most is a delightful elderly woman I had the pleasure to fit. The dear woman was having issues with her bra coming undone by itself and she couldn’t understand why.I asked if she could show me what was happening  and she was right! her bra had come undone by itself, just hanging there not doing anything much at all as far as support was concerned (the bra was way too big for her waist, it had stretched) size 16A for really what should have been a size 12C. We had a little giggle at the situation and i assured her we would get this situation under control. As she was on her way out for the day and felt the need to be comfy and a little boost was wanted as well..

After trying a few size 10’s on she felt they were way too tight and she felt restricted we ended up in a size 14B nice soft non wire cotton bra, smooth no seams, great for her blouses she likes to wear.. they also accommodated the chicken fillets without the risk of them falling out. Sometimes it’s not all about the size of the bra but the comfort and feel that it gives.. In this case big was better.I hope she gets a lot of wear from this bra, by fitting her on the loosest hooks she has room to go in as it stretches hopefully no more bras mysteriously undoing themselves :) On leaving, my customer informed me she was very happy and that even though she was 92 years young she still liked to take pride in her appearance(she didn’t look a day over 80) i look forward to catching up with her again soon..


You see Bra fittings can be a whole new world for a lot of people.. (that’s when I start singing that song from Aladdin)

Women enter the store expecting us, bra fitters to perform magic…and Yes we can!! Only yesterday for instance I had a bride-to-be stressed and needing help to look amazing in her low back wedding dress …yes she needed a bra! Her alterations lady told her she would be fine in her wedding dress without a bra, that the boning would support her “F”cup breasts. NO this is not going to happen unless you are lucky enough to still have naturally perky  breasts – Style 728  Corsolette WHTFACT: most breast over a “D” cup will need support..  If we have the tools to help we can do anything. I had one very happy bride-to-be  instead of tears we had huge smiles..A lower back corset did the trick.. and if that hadn’t worked a strapless bra with a lower back converter would have also worked ..

 Happy Ending for all..